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Consecutive Interpreting



Consecutive interpreting is the most popular form of interpreting. The interpreter interprets individual parts or sentences in a foreign language. Our agency provide the following types of consecutive interpreting:


Conference consecutive interpreting

  • Consecutive interpreting for the EU;
  • Consecutive interpreting of state visits;
  • Consecutive interpreting of congresses;
  • Consecutive interpreting of international conferences;
  • Consecutive interpreting for media, press conferences, etc.

Conference consecutive interpreting is a type of interpreting used during speeches where no interpreting technology is installed. During a speech, an interpreter makes a record and begins to interpret after completion of an individual section. In the case of usual consecutive interpreting, the interpreter interprets each sentence.


Accompanying consecutive interpreting in the CR and abroad

  • Interpreting of business and technical discussions;
  • Interpreting of company presentation events;
  • Interpreting of training, educational programs and seminars;
  • Interpreting at fair-trades and exhibition;
  • Interpreting for production companies, construction companies, etc.;
  • Interpreting for domestic and foreign enterprisers;
  • Interpreting at social and cultural events;
  • Interpreting of specialized lectures, etc.


We provide all interpreting services in the area of consecutive interpreting, incl. use of interpreting technology


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