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If you need professional interpreting, call us. Regardless of the language or your location, our interpreters can assist you in more than 55 languages. Thanks to our unique network of coworkers, we can ensure the presence of an interpreter within a very short time.


We interpret all common and less common language combinations, all types of events, life and from record, incl. consequent origination of required language version.


Types of interpreting and additional services:


Simultaneous Interpreting


Consecutive Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting (interpreter speaking simultaneously with native speaker) is applied during congresses, conferences, meetings, seminars and other events. It is prestigious and, at the same time, the most difficult and most demanding method of interpreting. In case of need, we can also provide interpreting and conference technology.

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Consecutive interpreting is the most popular form of interpreting. The speaker talks in shorter parts and an interpreter consequently interprets in a second language. This type of interpreting is commonly used during business meetings, work meetings, press conferences, presentations, etc. A consecutive interpreter will also help you in situations such as informative meetings, company visitations, social programs.

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Judicial Interpreting


Telephone Interpreting

Judicial interpreting is performed by an interpreter registered by the corresponding regional court and has the corresponding authorization. In practice, this type of interpreting is required during certified dealings with a notary, marriage, police questioning, discussions between client and lawyer, etc. This type of interpreting requires absolute exactness and professionalism.

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Increasingly popular telephone interpreting saves you time and money. The interpreter is not present in person. Frequently includes cases of sudden interpreting without previous preparation of an interpreter.

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Interpreting and Conference Technology



Lease of modern interpreting and conference technology is provided in the framework of complex interpreting services and as a separate service. Technology is provided including attendance, assembly, disassembly and transport to location of event and back, anytime and anywhere.

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