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Legal translations require very specific knowledge and skills. Formulation and stylization of such types of documents has to be very exact and must contain no ambiguous terms. An incorrect translation of a legal document can be misleading and frustrating and can cause excessive delay and multiple increases of costs. Therefore, we only use translators with the corresponding qualification for translating legal documents.


No matter whether you need a translation of a contract, summons, accusation or transcription of evidentiary record, we can ensure the execution of an error-free translation. Our translators have expansive vocabularies in the areas of law, and most of them are also active in this area.


The increase of international trade caused an increase of demand regarding certified translations. Several translators are from the country for which a given text is determined. They are familiar with the local situation, culture and legal system of a given country, and therefore also understand the meaning of provisions, articles, etc.


Our project consultants will ask you about the context of a translation and the purpose of its use. This way, we are able to determine which translator is most suitable for a given translation.


A matter of course is absolute confidentiality and information nondisclosure. Documents are handled strictly according to regulations on privacy and personal data protection. This service means that our customers trust us and return to us. 


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