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Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations



Medical and pharmaceutical translations are a highly specialized area and thus they should be executed only by translators with sufficient qualification.


Therefore, in this area, we cooperate only with translators – specialists – with long-term experience in the given area and who have great vocabularies. Their knowledge is subjected to detailed testing and control.


Why do we only use translators with medical qualifications? Simply because knowledge alone – however excellent – is not sufficient. The truth is a translator must understand the text before they even begin to translate.


Here is an example: Do you think your knowledge of the English language is sufficient? Really? Let’s make a test with two short sentences from the medical area:


Tympanites and atony of the gastro-intestinal tract are often the first indications of parenteral nutrition, necessitated due to faulty utilization of oral feeds.


Distention of the congested intestinal layers is possibly a contributory cause of blocked anastamosis or its dehiscence.


Now, let’s be honest, did you understand anything? You may understand English, but to understand a medical text is another matter. Here you can see how a translator without a medical or specialized background would feel. In other words, in an ideal case, a translator should be a native speaker of the language into which they are translating.


Also, a translator who has the corresponding specialization but an insufficient vocabulary can face many problems. They can e.g. spend many sleepless nights thinking about the Czech equivalent of the German word “Patientengut” that should be translated as “záznam o pacientovi.”


Medical and scientific texts also contain particular terms and style. Style is, as we all know, the way one expresses or performs something. Have you ever noticed that scientific texts have their own style? See our next example. From the source language, the sentence would be translated as follows:


“Owing to improvements in medical first-aid and rescue services, a steadily increasing number of severely injured accident victims reach clinics in a condition in which intensive therapy may be started.”


And after proofreading of a qualified translator, the text looks as follows:


“Advancements in medical first-aid and rescue services have made it possible to immediately administer intensive care to an increasing number of severe cases of accident victims who are brought to hospitals.”


Need we say more?


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