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Pricelist of Interpreting



Price of Dervices, Invoiced Items

  • *The prices apply for the combination of Czech language – foreign language
  • 4 hours = half a day; 8 hours = one day of interpreting
  • The smallest invoiced extent of interpreting in the Czech Republic is 4 hours for every initiated day of interpreting; the smallest invoiced extent of interpreting abroad is 8 hours for every initiated day of interpreting
  • In the case of simultaneous interpreting for longer than half a day, two interpreters will take turns in the cabin (the stated prices apply for one interpreter)
  • In the case of traveling beyond the initial destination or abroad, travel expenses, accommodation and subsistence allowance are charged in addition to the usual rates
  • Prices do not include VAT


  • We provide significant discounts, including quantity and client discounts. Detailed information regarding our discounts will be provided on the following contacts.

If you are interested in an exact price calculation, use this form or contact us.


Basic prices


Up to 4 hours

Every additional

initiated hour

    Consecutive interpreting *

2,800 CZK

500 CZK

    Simultaneous interpreting *

3,900 CZK

700 CZK

    Judicial interpreting

By agreement

By agreement

    Telephone interpreting

By agreement

By agreement

    Other services (provision of conferences,

    conference technology, etc.)

By agreement

By agreement


Additional payments


Additional payment

    Express provision of interpreter within 48 hours

30 %

    Interpreting on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

30 %

    Express from foreign to foreign language

50 %

    Other services

By agreement


The provision of our services is governed by the following Commercial Terms (click here).


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