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Each language is unique and rich in terms of several rules and exceptions. Revealing discrepancies in texts can sometimes be very difficult. It is up to you who reveals the mistakes – us or your customer. Regardless of whether you require proofreading of specialized articles, brochures, catalogues or any other texts, proofreading is executed by experienced native speakers. Specialized materials are consulted with specialists from a given area.


Basically, we offer two types of proofreading:

  • Proofreading of spelling and grammar – focused on spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Stylistic proofreading (incl. correction of grammatical and spelling mistakes) – includes proofreading of spelling and grammar, and the processing person focuses on clumsy expressions and stylistic mistakes such as excessively repetitive words, unsuitable use of words in the framework of the given style, confusing or obscure uses of relative pronouns and conjunctions, use of incorrect relations and other mistakes that depreciate the text.

Both types of proofreading are executed by native speakers with long-term experience.


This service will be appreciated especially by creators of catalogues, brochures and other promotional materials, publishers of magazines, administrators of web pages, importers of goods, public institutions, Internet shop owners and students. 


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