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Simultaneous Interpreting



Before you order Simultaneous interpreting, consider several basic questions...


Conference simultaneous interpreting


During simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter talks Simultaneously with the speaker and interprets their speech in a foreign language. Simultaneous interpreting is mainly used for interpreting to a larger quantity of people at a given event.


During conference simultaneous interpreting, an interpreter sits in an interpreting cabin and interprets concurrently with the speaker. Interpreted speech is represented to participants by means of modern interpreting systems. Usually, two of our interpreters are present and take turns interpreting.


Our translation agency provides key-ready conference simultaneous interpreting incl. the provision of necessary interpreting technology (interpreting cabin, microphones, sound system, headphones, cameras, loudspeakers, data projectors). Most frequently, we interpret for the following events:

  • Simultaneous interpreting of international congresses and conferences;
  • Simultaneous interpreting of international lectures, educational seminars;
  • Simultaneous interpreting of state visits;
  • Simultaneous interpreting for the EU;
  • Simultaneous interpreting for media;
  • Simultaneous interpreting of company product presentation;
  • And many other events.


Chuchotage (whispered interpreting)


For smaller groups or individual participants of event, we provide so-called “chuchotage” simultaneous interpreting (from the French word for whispering). The interpreter doesn’t sit in a cabin but next to the participant or in the middle of the group and quietly interprets (whispers).


During this type of simultaneous interpreting, usually no interpreting technology is used. Larger groups can use headphones and lapel microphones.


…. and everything needed for a successful course.


Simultaneous interpreting is very specific and thus, before you make an order, we recommend going through the following summary that will help you to specify the type of interpreting and the services you require.

  • Decide whether you will provide interpreting technology or if you will leave it up to our agency.
  • Depending on the topicto be interpreted, you should prepare materials for the interpreter (and provide them to the interpreter several days in advance).
  • Depending on the type of event,select the place where the interpreting will take place. You can also leave this up to our agency - we will find you a venue suited to your particular event.
  • Calculate how long the interpreting will last.A half-day is four hours; a full day is eight hours of interpreting. There is an extra charge for each additional hour, subject to our pricelist.
  • It is essential that you appoint a contact person who will be responsible for the smooth running of the event.
  • If the interpreting is to take place outside of Prague, think about whether you will arrange for the interpreters' transport.
  • If the interpreting is to take place abroad, decide whether you will arrange for the transport, accommodation, and meals, or whether you will leave this up to our agency (transport, daily allowances at the statutory amount).


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