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You (or someone else) has created web pages, completed navigation, acquired the rights and executed payments. You have paid or are going to pay considerable amounts to someone who makes sure your web pages are extensively visited and are found in the first places in search engines in every country. You are able to deliver your products anywhere in the world. The only thing you are missing are orders. Why? The answer is simple.


You have to speak a given language to be able to sell your products abroad. Customers may visit your Internet pages, but they don’t understand them. They decide to take advantage of an identical offer they find in their local Internet pages.


Let’s state a couple of known facts:

  • Web page visitors often make purchases through web pages created in their own language.
  • More than 100 million people use the Internet in a language other than English (i.e. the most frequently used language for communication with foreign clients).
  • The mother tongue of more than 50% of Internet users is not English.
  • If a web page is executed in their own language, they spend twice as long on the page.

You are surely able to calculate how the number of customers and your turnover would increase if you have Internet pages that are translated into all languages used in the countries where you are active or plan to be active.


All you need to do is to send us source files, and we will take care of their translation and send them back in the required format. You will then upload the translated pages, and success is yours!



Translations and localization


Our translators work directly with those files, which not only ensures the exactness of translation but also precise localization that includes a translation of the entire content of HTML, texts, modification of PHP/Java/ASP scripts, modification of database content and conversion of overall structure of pages.




Where can you review what you have already placed in your Internet shopping cart?

  • In USA: shopping cart
  • In Great Britain: shopping basket

This simple example shows that even a small detail can affect sales. In this case, computer programs won’t help with translation; in this case only a professional translation can help.


We provide translations of web pages, static and dynamic web pages utilizing HTML, XHTML, XML, SGML, JAVA, FLASH, CSS, ASP and other.


Your web pages will be translated by translators with long-term experience in the given area and marketing so your message won’t get “lost in translation.”


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Are you seeking a quotation for a translation or interpreting? No problem, contact us, we shall be pleased to elaborate an offer as well as a quotation free of charge!

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