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Thanks to our cooperation with more than 3,000 translators from around  the world and with long-term experience, we are able to professionally, accurately and promptly translate any document from any area incl. economical, technical, legal, medical texts or audio/video records in more than 60 languages. Translation is processed in any form. Our DTP colleagues perform any graphical adjustment of documents, regardless of its demand factor. 


Scope of Services:




Technical Translations


Legal Translations

Technical translations, whether engineering, medical or otherwise oriented translations, must be exact. Such types of translations are executed by proven translators, specialists in given areas.     

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We only use translators with extensive experience in the legal field. We translate contracts, enactments, labor-law provisions, etc. We are able to assist you, no matter which language.

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Medical Translations


Translations in the Area of Economics and Finances

Medical translations must be exact. Regardless of the area of medicine, we have translators with corresponding experience.

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World trade and market globalization develop fast, and a lot is at stake. We understand that time is money and promptness is decisive.

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Translations for Purposes of Marketing and PR


Translations for Public Administration

Should marketing and public relations be successful, it is necessary to provide the right information at the right time, to the right place and in all languages of the group or subjects you wish to address.

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For public administration and self-administration communication with all groups of inhabitants in their own language is very important. Provision of this requirement is in many cases very demanding. We can assist you.

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Translations of Web Pages and Localization


Certified Translations

If you want to be active and sell on foreign markets, you have to speak their language. For us, translation of web pages is easy. All we need are source files, and we will take care of the rest.  

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We provide two-way certified translations of diplomas, certificates, birth certificates, abstracts of records and other similar documents and express deadlines, in most international languages.

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Transcriptions and Their Translations



Order transcription of printed documents and manuscripts in electronic form or transcription of spoken word from audio/video records, transcription of interviews, group discussions, conferences, etc., in electronic form and their translation.

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To reveal all discrepancies in a text can sometimes be quite difficult. It is up to you who reveal the mistakes – us or your customer. We offer both stylistic proofreading and proofreading of spelling and grammar.

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