Profesional translating
and interpreting


Interpreting pricelist

Interpreting prices

  • * Prices are for Czech to a foreign language and vice versa
  • 4 hours = half a day, 8 hours = 1 day of interpretation
  • The smallest charged amount of interpreting in the Czech Republic is 4 hours for each day of interpreting commenced, the smallest charged amount of interpreting abroad is 8 hours for each day of interpreting commenced
  • For more than half a day simultaneous interpreting, there are always 2 interpreters in the cabin (prices are for one interpreter)
  • Travelling, accommodation and meals are charged at the current rates when departing from home or abroad
  • Prices do not include VAT.


  • We can provide significant quantity and customer discounts. Please ask for more information.

If you would like more detailed prices, please use this form or contact us. 


Basic Rates

Service Up to 4 hours every other hour commenced
Consecutive interpreting 2 800,- CZK 500,- CZK
Simultaneous interpreting 3 900,- CZK 700,- CZK
Legal interpreting on request on request