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Translation pricelist


Translation prices

  • The prices are for Czech to a foreign language
  • Normally we charge for standard pages. One standard page (SP) is 1800 characters including spaces from the target text (translated translation). Different types of billing can be arranged according to the customer’s requirements (e.g. per word, 1 SP = 1500 characters without spaces, starting text, etc.)
  • Translations are usually from 5 standard pages (SP) per day, depending on the difficulty of the source text or its quality
  • The smallest translation charged is 0.5 standard pages (SP)
  • Prices do not include VAT


  • We can provide significant quantity and client discounts. Please ask for more information.

Basic translation prices

Albanian 569,-CZK/SP
English 219,-CZK/SP
Arabic 529,-CZK/SP
Armenian 469,-CZK/SP
Azerbaijani 659,-CZK/SP
Belorussian 459,-CZK/SP
Bosnian 389,-CZK/SP
Bulgarian 399,-CZK/SP
Montenegrin 419,-CZK/SP
Chinese 869,-CZK/SP
Danish 479,-CZK/SP
Dari 999,-CZK/SP
Esperanto 499,-CZK/SP
Estonian 529,-CZK/SP
Finnish 469,-CZK/SP
French 299,-CZK/SP
Friulian 369,-CZK/SP
Georgian 579,-CZK/SP
Hebrew 409,-CZK/SP
Hindi 1369,-CZK/SP
Dutch 469,-CZK/SP
Croatian 399,- CZK/SP
Italian 299,-CZK/SP
Japanese 869,-CZK/SP
Korean 1199,-CZK/SP
Kurdish 569,-CZK/SP
Latin 379,-CZK/SP
Lithuanian 499,-CZK/SP
Latvian 499,-CZK/SP
Macedonian 559,-CZK/SP
Malaysian 1349,-CZK/SP
Hungarian 329,-CZK/SP
Moldavian 409,-CZK/SP
Mongolian 609,-CZK/SP
German 219,-CZK/SP
Norwegian 509,-CZK/SP
Modern Greek 469,-CZK/SP
Pascha 999,-CZK/SP
Persian 999,-CZK/SP
Polish 219,-CZK/SP
Portuguese 419,-CZK/SP
Romani 999,-CZK/SP
Romanian 329,-CZK/SP
Russian 219,-CZK/SP
Greek 449,-CZK/SP
Sinhalese 999,-CZK/SP
Slovak 179,-CZK/SP
Slovenian 419,-CZK/SP
Serbian 369,-CZK/SP
Spanish 299,-CZK/SP
Swedish 509,-CZK/SP
Turkish 659,-CZK/SP
Ukrainian 299,-CZK/SP
Urdu 999,-CZK/SP
Vietnamese 559,-CZK/SP
Indonesian on request
Icelandic on request
Catalan on request
Kazakh on request
Malagasy on request
Punjab on request
Sinhalese on request
Tajikistan on request
Thai on request
Flemish on request


If you cannot find the language you want please contact us.